Monday, July 29, 2013

Have a Little Smile on Me.

I saw something that made me smile and still makes me smile whenever I think or tell someone about it.

We had a good rain Friday night and that of course means mud. Saturday, I saw a neighbor boy of about 5-6 with a brand new neon green bike. He had a gladiator helmet to match. He was riding that new bike on the walk path that was solid mud.

I saw him stop and back up, then roll forward a couple of times looking at his wheel. I thought he must have something caught in the spokes.

He got off his new bike and rubbed mud off that brand new tire - looked at his hand that was now muddy, and promptly cleaned his hand on his pants!

Have a Good week and I hope this gave you a little smile too!


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Adjusting my mind to being a year older.

  I was the oldest in my family. Only girl with three brothers. I am sure my brothers would tell you, I was always bossing them around letting them know who was the oldest.

  Now, darn-it, I don't like being the oldest!

  I hate birthdays. When it rolls around, much quicker now, it would be nice to ignore it. But, my family will not allow that. I know, and I appreciate how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family.
  A friend told me she always reversed her age when asked. For one year she was 17, then the next 27, then 37 and so on. But that quit working for now she would be 97!!!

  But, the next day is a new day, and everyone goes about their business and I then have time to think. Oh my gosh, I am a year older! I have got to change the number when asked my age??? Then, day by day, I start  adjusting to my new age.

  Just about the time I get adjusted......You guessed it, its my birthday again!!!


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Silver Beauty, The Fabulous Tillandsia xerographica

Have you ever had a beautiful flower that you wished would live forever? Take a close look at this Silver Beauty. What you are seeing is not a flower but the shape of this plant. The leaves open from the center then cascade down in delightful curling spirals. An incredible living plant that grows even larger and more beautiful for years to come. 

A perfect name for this fabulous plant is “Silver Beauty”. The Tillandsia xerographica is native to Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. The name is from Greek words meaning Dry Writing. What? I have turned this plant upside down and sideways, trying to see where this name could have possible come from. Do you see it? Growers call it the King of Tillys, but to me “Silver Beauty” fits perfectly.

A majestically slow growing plant with silvery gray leaves that are wide at the base, then taper to curly points. They can reach to over 3' in diameter and 3' in height in flower. I can hear you now, “I have no place in my house for a plant that big!” Don't worry, it takes many, many years to grow that big.

If you have read that this plant takes special watering care, well it really doesn't. It is the basic care that works for all Tillandsias. Soak your Silver Beauty for 15-30minutes once every 5-7 days. Rain, pond or fish tank water is best, but if these are not available use a bottle of spring water. No chlorine or distilled water. Tip it upside down, give a shake to get water out of center and let dry bottom up. This will insure that no water is trapped, which causes rot. Misting every day or two in between soaking especially when humidity is low is very helpful.

Give it good light, but no direct sun. Fertilize with a bromeliad fertilizer at half strength once a month. Fertilizer is not necessary to keep your Silver Beauty alive, but if you want it to grow and bloom......
And remember, the bloom will last for months and then it will give you babies!

After reading all this, you are saying, “I gotta have one”. You will see them available on my site Creation-in-Clay, and if you leave a comment you will receive 10% off!

Have a great weekend!