Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Tulsa Flea........Market

Welcome to all of you that I met and talked to yesterday at the Tulsa Flea market. Doing the flea market again after about 10 years was exciting and lots of fun. Having to do it alone, took a lot of thought and worry. But it worked out just fine. The two gentleman that were on either side of me were fun to talk to and watched my booth the two times I had to step away. (you can guess why!)

And of course I was thrilled at the response to the Tillandsias (airplants). Wish there had been a little more interest in my clay works, but oh well, maybe next time.

This week will be busy with adding more airplants and more clay containers.

 Please visit my booth Saturday June 22 in booth 87. For those of you that were there last Sat. that is the same spot. Look for the purple table coverings.

More in a day or two.

Have a Great Sunday,

My New Venture - Tillandsias commonly called AirPlants

  I have been so busy this past month, planning, buying, and working on my new venture.

 Do you like Tillandsias, commonly called AirPlants?  When ever  I could find them I would always buy a couple. These little plants are irresistible! They are easy to care. You can kill them, but it is hard.

They are a perfect match for clay things. Here are a few pictures of some. I am in the process of putting them on my Artfire studio and will be putting interesting tidbits on this blog.

This last one is the icing on the cake!! Called xerographica, it is very large and very different from most other Tillandsia, in its size and shape of leaves.