Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More On My Fantasy Film Wings.

I am beginning to get the hang of it! These I will use on the Angels I am making.

This one has the little micro beads and is prettier than it photographed. Just like glitter, there are little beads everywhere!

This one as you can see, has gold glitter. I love sparkle! I got it to close to the heat and up popped a hole. So, I added another one to the other side. If you can't lick um, join um.

This little angel is not quite finished and hasn't gotten her wings yet. See just had to have her picture taken and put in this blog.

If you want to see the Angels I did last year, there are still a couple on my artfire studio. http://creation-in-clay.artfire.com

Have a Happy Day,
Better have lots of candy for the little goblins.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fairy and Angel Wings Using Fantasy Film

After doing the chores like doing laundry, I started making wings for my angels and fairies using Fantasy Film. Have you seen any wings made with this film?

I have seen picture of dolls with beautiful realistic wings and have really admired them. And of course, wanted to try this technique.

It is not easy and requires practice and don't be disappointed when you mess up several times. Maybe it will not happen to you and you make a beautiful set of wings the first time you try!

This a picture of the first method I have tried. It actually makes a beautiful wing. (I know you can't tell it by looking at mine.) I am definitely not ruling this method out, but think it needs to be used for bigger wings that I am trying to make for my angels. They are harder to make and maybe after I get a little more practice with the Fantasy Film, I will be able to make the

My second attempt was working, except I got it to close to the heat.  Yep, those are holes through the film. Got it to close to the heat. Believe me it is easy to do.

I have added a close-up showing my messy mess of wires.

This one is a little better. Not good enough to use, but I will keep them. This method uses both wings and two layers of Fantasy Film. It is easier to work with, especially for me.  It is on my angel with the hair that looks like worms!

Ok, this is the last one so far! I am getting better. They are so pretty and will add so much to my wee people, it is worth the effort. I took two pics. with and without flash. Trying to pick up the glitter that I added.

Back to making wings. Will post some of my finished and improved wing pictures in a day or two.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What a Hodgepodge This Is

That's me buried under all that! I am never not busy with ideas, works in process, and more  ideas. Glue, scissors, paints and clay run through my head constantly. Once in a while I will come up for air, (out of necessity) and clean the house and do the laundry. Oh Yes, you can quite often find me on my websites http://creation-in-clay.artfire.com, http://creative-polymer-clay-ideas.com , Penterest, and Facebook. And now on this blog!

Never satisfied, you will see this blog change colors and looks every so often. Stay tuned for tutorials, mostly on clay, but once in a while on another craft I find to good not to pass on. I will put pictures of my latest endeavors, that I hope someone will buy! Sometimes you will see  my opinions and news that I think might interest you.

Late at night, I Loom Knit. My purpose in knitting scarves and other stuff is to help someone. I love animals and have two shelter dogs that keep me entertained and sane. But, lots of people help these small animals. I am looking for a good cause, that has been started by someone that needs all the help we can give. My thoughts are leaning toward helping starved and neglected horses. Having always loved horses, and at one time we had five, I know about food costs and vet bills. So, my idea is to sell my scarves and other knitted items and all proceeds will go to help which ever charity I choose.

You can help. Your ideas on a worthy cause would be most welcomed. I am afraid my little bit on knitting won't bring much money in, so if you would like to do the same with something  you make, we might just be able to be big helpers.

Ok, you don't know me from adam, but I have been around a long time. For years, I owned Silky Soft Skin Care and sold at crafts shows and trade fairs all over Texas, Okla. and Louisiana, plus a webstore.

So, follow me and I hope to keep you informed and entertained.
Barb Oliphant

P.S. If you live in Tulsa, three days a week you find me doing food demos at Sam's