Friday, May 10, 2013

Polymer Clay Teapot with Squiggles and Dots

Around Christmas time, my daughter-in-law brought me a plain white teapot and said: "Do something with it." It sat around until last month, when I decided to use lots of color and with clay ropes. 

I had been looking for a table vice to use on my dining room table which doubles as my work bench. I needed one that would clamp to the edge. Thinking that there surely was such a thing, I looked and could not find. My son and family gave me one for Christmas. Just exactly what I needed.

What was it for you ask? I had bought a very good extruder, but even it was hard to hold with the left hand while I turned the crank with my right. Clay is not easy to press through a tiny hole!

Ok, I will get to the point! This teapot is entirely made with ropes made with the extruder. Even the round dots. to make them, I laid a clay rope straight and cut in equal portions. Then I made even size balls and pushed them onto the teapot.

No place on the pot is the same as the opposite spot, as you can see.

(I wish I could figure out how to move the pictures in the order I want. I am use to being able to move pictures anywhere on the page, but with blogger I have not figured it out!!)

The reason the handle, spout and cap are left without any clay, is because I wanted this teapot to be used for tea! 

This is what I call "Clay being useful". 
Have a great day!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

You really need to visit  She has some very unique and delightful gift ideas.

She has also been helpful in promoting other artfire shops. Like Mine!! This is the very nice words she has written about my snowflake on her blog.

 Although winter is over, at least in most of the country, this pale blue Shimmering Star Snowflake Ornament by Creation In Clay 
caught my eye for its intricacy and beauty.
Thank you, Wyvern for all your help in the past and now this. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More Wild Flowers to Make into Polymer Clay

   Finally! The weather has warmed and a couple of wild flowers have poked their heads through the grass. 

This one, I believe, is a wild morning glory.  I have watched the progression of this flower over
three days. First, it opens all white, then shades of light pink, then the third day, it ends up with a pink and white striped petal. I took these in the bright sun, so the pink just doesn't show up!
Study the flower. It is only 4 petals overlapping. Yellow center and small white stamens. Make this using a rose petal cutter. I use the Kemper tools. 

I have no idea what this little clump of seed pods are. They are similar to wild onion, but I don't believe this is what they are. If you know, kindly let all of us know in the comment section below. 

You can see, the stems are large and round. I could see no leaves. 

This pretty little flower is the common oxalis. A wild form of the four-leaf clover. So simple and yet so charming. 
Make a few of all these flowers when you are in between projects. Or when your brain is on hold for good ideas. The Oxalis is always yellow, but that doesn't mean you can't make them all colors. Any of them would look so good in a fairy garden. After sculpting your beautiful fairy, she will need a nice garden. Go through your stash of flowers and add them. Instant garden!

As soon as I get through with the project I am on right now, it will be flower making time!

Have a great day!