Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Works Have Been Featured in Three Collections on Artfire

  Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I spent mine in St Louis with my son and his wife Diana. It was a great time. Goodbyes were not hard since they will be coming to Tulsa at Christmas time.

  It has been quite an honor to have my clay art added to two collections on Artfire. Other artist with studios on Artfire decide on a theme, then scroll through artist sites and pick art that they want to include in their collection. This is why I say that it is a big honor to be chosen by a talented artist.

This collection was made on 11/13/12  Mine is the first snowflake in the collection!

Jewelry Supplies

Christmas Ornament Polymer Clay Snowflake I have several other snowflakes on Artfire. This one is all white!


Craft Tutorials

This collection was created on 11/20/12. My snowflake is the third from the left.
Christmas Ornament in Black, Gold Polymer Clay


And this great collection was made just yesterday 11/27/12.  Not a snowflake this time but a Christmas tree ball!
Six Christmas tree ornaments in polymer clay

To see my works go to   Please visit the the artists that created these great collections. Their links are on the bottom left under the "View This Collection" button.
Have a Happy Day,

Monday, November 19, 2012

Amazon Service

I have got to tell you about the service I received from Amazon!
Several weeks ago I ordered to books. I received a message stating they were being shipped by separate mail. One came the other did not.

So I waited a week then called. The lady was very apologetic and checked and could not see that it had been sent. She immediately issued another one to be sent at no cost (of course) and sent over night. It came the next day.

What great service! I have ordered from Amazon many times with orders coming very quickly. And now this. I will always recommend Amazon and praise them highly.

Have a Happy Day,

P.S. The original order came the same day as the replacement book! I am more than happy to take the time to send that one back. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

First Sale on Fiverr

Well of all things! I just had my first sale on Fiverr for two PinkieBaby Owls and they are on their way to Israel.

Can you believe that someone from another country would order and buy something for five dollars and pay to have it sent? I feel very honored. The person was kind enough to write a note saying that they were going on the refrigerator at the office.

What fun! I think I am going to enjoy selling on the Fiverr site. Go to my gigs here.

Have a Happy Day!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Update On Fiverr Site

The Fiverr gurus are really out there to protect the buyers interest. Not sure about the sellers!! I posted one gig featuring my angry birds. Waited a few hours for them to review the gig to see if they will post it to the public. Yep, it is not an automatic posting. Which for the seller, is a good thing.

A couple of days later I posted two of my three style of owls. And another gig of two of my owls. I am doing 2 for 5.00. One of these then is a duplicate of one owl on the other gig. The two gigs were reviewed and the second one was declined as being to similar to the first one.

Ok, they don't want duplicate gigs. I can see that. I felt mine was offering a different set of owls, but..... What about all those silly gigs that are identical, except for different wording? Hmmm

Oh well, If you would like to order my angry bird or owl magnets through Artfire go to . I have them listed several ways so you can pick and choose. They do make great little gifts for one child to give to another. They can use them on bulletin boards to hold their favorite pictures or whatever.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Have You Heard About A Site Called Fiverr?

Just recently I learned about a site called Fiverr. It is a site to buy and sell all kinds of things, many really crazy!  The thing is they do sell! It is a fun site and I have put my refrigerator magnets on it.

Nothing sells for over $5.00 or even under. All sales go through Paypal, so you are protected. Fiverr calls each of your sales  "gigs". You can have up to twenty gigs at a time.

When you go to their home page, you are immediately seeing all the recent listings. To the right is an index of categories. You have got to check Fiverr out, it is wild and crazy. This is just one and this has become a featured seller!

I will send you a custom Magic Mike dance video in my THONG for $5

These are pictures of what I have listed so far. You can find them under Gifts, then Arts and Crafts, or Unusual Gifts. Or under search you can type in Magnets, Angry Birds, Owls, and find them. The easiest way is to type in my username: mystic18