Sunday, December 16, 2012

Snowflake Collection on Artfire

One of my snowflakes was again included in a great Artfire Collection. All of these items are for sale by the different artist. Plus, they all have many different and beautiful items for you to choose from. You may just find that perfect gift for that perfect person. Check them out and do check to make sure they can get it to you before Christmas.
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

An Art Studio to Die For

Pinned Image

I just saw this beautiful organized work area on Pinterest. Started not to post this. Looking a mine in my last post, is just plain embarresing!
Then, I thought why not print this and pin it to my wish list.
Have a Happy Day,

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My "Studio" for Clay Creations

 What does your spot look like where you create? As you can see mine is my dining room table. You can even see the handle of the vacuum behind my clutter.
My works in progress are all in front of me. Having them right in front of me gives them the chance to tell me what they want to be and how they should look. As I work on a creation, the others are quietly sitting there waiting their turn. Often ideas just pop into my head. I like to think that is them communicating with me,
Do you see the tea pot? My daughter-in-law handed me that as I was leaving after Thanksgiving. She said do something great with this teapot! So it is sitting there looking at me and so far it has not said a thing. I hope an idea with crowd my brain before next Thanksgiving!!
Have a Happy Day,

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Works Have Been Featured in Three Collections on Artfire

  Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I spent mine in St Louis with my son and his wife Diana. It was a great time. Goodbyes were not hard since they will be coming to Tulsa at Christmas time.

  It has been quite an honor to have my clay art added to two collections on Artfire. Other artist with studios on Artfire decide on a theme, then scroll through artist sites and pick art that they want to include in their collection. This is why I say that it is a big honor to be chosen by a talented artist.

This collection was made on 11/13/12  Mine is the first snowflake in the collection!

Jewelry Supplies

Christmas Ornament Polymer Clay Snowflake I have several other snowflakes on Artfire. This one is all white!


Craft Tutorials

This collection was created on 11/20/12. My snowflake is the third from the left.
Christmas Ornament in Black, Gold Polymer Clay


And this great collection was made just yesterday 11/27/12.  Not a snowflake this time but a Christmas tree ball!
Six Christmas tree ornaments in polymer clay

To see my works go to   Please visit the the artists that created these great collections. Their links are on the bottom left under the "View This Collection" button.
Have a Happy Day,