Thursday, December 5, 2013

New Name on Artfire - NowThatsUnique

I have just taken a big leap and changed the name of my Artfire Studio. The name, Creation-in-Clay, was great when all I sold was clay items. But now that I have added my second love - Tillandsia Air Plants - the name was to confining.

New name is: Now That's Unique. What do you think? Air Plants are unique and polymer clay OOAK items are certainly unique.

It is so cold here and getting colder. It is supposed to start sleeting and then turning to snow around noon. Looks like I will not make it to the Tulsa Flea again. If the weather people are correct it is going to be really bad tomorrow and I set up on Friday. I am too chicken to drive on ice, sleet or snow and the ones who do think they know how! Betsy, (my car) doesn't  have any dents and is not wanting any.

While snowed in I will be adding lots to Now That's Unique. Please stop by and give a look. New URL is:

Have a Great Day and stay warm,

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Frustrated at Trying to Sell on Amazon

Sorry I haven't written anything in a month! I have been so busy and frustrated at trying to sell on Amazon. Great place to buy, I know, but it is sure hard to get accepted to sell. If you have items to sell that have a barcode and UPC's it is easy. No barcode? Hah!

Obviously Amazon would rather have the big companies and manufactured goods. Small business that make OOAK or sell plants that do not have barcodes are not wanted.

You have to apply for an exemption. I did this twice. All I got back was a lot of gobbly-gook. After four weeks and much work, I gave up.

Now I am getting emails daily wanting to help me sell my items on Amazon. Different emails from different departments, none knowing what the other one is doing.

Oh well, enough of this, I could rant and rave for an hour!

Welcome home Tyler! This is my Grandson who has been in Afghanistan leading patrols. His plane landed Sunday. His wife Cathy is also in the Army, may be going to Afghanistan in the spring. Thank you guys for your big sacrifice for us all!

Have a Happy Day,