Sunday, August 31, 2014

Third Week on Xerographica Bloom and First on Another One!

I guess  you can whip me with a wet noodle since I did not post the 3rd week of Xerographica bloom cycle Saturday. I wasted the whole day yesterday laying around wondering why I felt so bad. But, today I am back to normal.

Look at these pictures from last week and today! Amazing!Don't you agree?
Sunday 8/31/14                                          

Now look at last weeks. See the big difference? Isn't it interesting how a plant that is so slow growing can produce its bloom in a matter of a few weeks?
Last week 8/23/14

Now with only two Xerographica in stock the larger is now in the beginning stages of blooming. Earlier this week I noticed the center looked different. Now look!
1st week of bloom on this larger Tillandsia Xerographica. 8/31/14

Please keep watching and let other Tillandsia lovers you know watch also. Got a question? Leave a comment or email me.